Who Are The Everetts?

We're Shannon and Danny Everett, a married couple who have been chasing blue skies and acai bowls together since 2013.  After living in Colorado for a few years, we moved to Madrid, Spain in the fall of 2015 to try out teaching English and living in Europe.    

I (Shannon) have always enjoyed writing, and have kept a blog since I was in college so I didn't think twice about creating a way for us to document our adventures abroad and keep in touch with family and friends back in the US.  Eventually, I convinced Danny to get in here and do some writing as well - secretly, I think he's why everyone keeps coming back!  My favorite place we've ever been together is London but I've also loved the south of France and Charleston, South Carolina.  Three of my favorite things are dogs, reading, and scones with jam and cream. 

D -  I'm Danny, Shannon's husband and travel buddy.  I like to pop up on blog posts from time to time and make clever/witty observations, insightful comments, and of course, the occasional blind stab at humor.  Whenever you see the letter "D" in italics, it's a warning that I'm about to write something.  My favorite place that we've ever been together might be the island of Crete (hard to choose, though).  Three of my favorite things are eating (pretty much everything), singing (pretty much all the time), and playing sports with friends.  I've also been known to make excessive use of parentheses while writing (but you already knew that), and am an avid mouth-breather.  

We're so glad you've found us amidst all the different travel blogs, books, and resources out there.  You should know that you won't find picture-perfect city guides or 12 steps to finding the cheapest airfares here.  Rather, we're just two people who like to travel, and who want to share some of the photos, anecdotes, and tips we've collected on our adventures.  We also document our daily life living abroad in Spain which is more normal than you might expect, but our moms and grandparents like to read about it, so surely you will too!  ;)    

Here's a few places you might want to start...three of our very favorite travel posts:

Sintra, Portugal  |  Crete, Greece  |  Cappadocia, Turkey

And if you're an expat or thinking about moving abroad, start here:

Making the Most of Your Time Abroad  |  Intentionality and Living Abroad

Thanks again for stopping by, and don't be shy - we'd love to hear from you!

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Chasing Blue Skies & Acai Bowls Since 2013

Hi, we're Shannon and Danny, and we are the Everetts! A few years ago, we moved from Colorado to Spain to try out teaching English and living in Europe.

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