We are college sweethearts.  We are messy and real.  
We are far from picture perfect, as we may at first appear.
We are Jesus-loving vagabonds and gallivanting globetrotters, amateur adventurers and desk job dodgers.
We are wannabe vegans and yummy food fanatics, health nuts sometimes, but also Oreo addicts.
We are dreamers and doers, and married English teachers.  
We know the grass isn't greener, but we're still contentment seekers.
We eschew the "real world" and we pursue the life we want.
We aim to make the most of this one life that we've got.
We are Shannon and Danny, and we are the Everetts.

In September 2015, we quit our jobs in Colorado, stored our "stuff" with our parents, and moved to Madrid, Spain.

Follow along as we bumble through living abroad – learning how to speak Spanish, teaching our first English classes, and doing a bit of traveling while we’re in Europe.

We’re glad you’re here!