taking stock: january


Making – my way through our overflowing laundry basket from our three-week trip – at last!

Cooking – last night, vegetable soup – it rained on and off all afternoon so we were definitely in the mood for some cozy soup and bread.

Reading – all the mail we came home to, over and over!

Wanting – to go to the Río this weekend!  It's supposed to be in the high 40's and sunny tomorrow, so if we dress warmly, I think it'll be quite nice.

Looking – forward to exploring Sevilla next weekend, thanks to a great Black Friday flight deal!  Feels a little crazy to be packing up a suitcase already, though, so soon after settling back in.

Playing – Ticket to Ride (what else? It’s the only board game we brought!) before bed a couple nights this week.

Eating – our way through the massive box of chocolates one of my students gave me for Christmas. One a day every day at lunch...the self-control we are exhibiting with these is insane. ;)

 Wishing – I had learned more Spanish in the past (nearly) four months I’ve been living in a Spanish-speaking country.  Especially after one of the cleaning ladies at the library asked me how it was possible I spoke so little after being here so long and then later on the same day one of my students' housekeepers asked me a similar question - it really is a little embarrassing.

Enjoying – our heater. We’ve been turning it on more often since we got back from our trip – guess we got spoiled at all those Airbnbs and hotels!

Loving – looking through pictures from our trip – can we do it all over again?!

Hoping – we’ll still be here when it’s warm enough to open the window above our bed! And leave it open all night!

Listening – to Danny.  In a good way!  We spend so much more time together in Spain than we did in America, riding Metros, eating three meals a day together, going grocery shopping, just doing life.  Sometimes we're quiet, but a lot of times we're chatting about little things like the dogs of Madrid (this is really one of our my very favorite topics) or plans for the future, or our students.  I was thinking this morning how we really talk so much more here - it might not always be deep, but it's more, and that's something.

Needing – more work, to be really frank.

Smelling – not much.  I've been hanging on to this little cough and cold combo for about a month now.  Not a big deal, just a little annoying.

Feeling – hopeful, and a bit wistful as well, as we're nearly two-thirds of the way through our visa!  How did this happen?!

Wearing – just one coat, regular clothes, and no scarves and hats because we’re back from the “real winter” we tasted on our trip (basically everywhere but Malta). Back to this winter-lite that we get to enjoy in Madrid!