taking stock: february

Making: plans for the summer.  How can it be?!   I've started penciling in a few things here and there but it just feels crazy to be looking at July and August right now.

Cooking: tonight?  Nothing!  Danny has an interview over dinner so I think I'm scavenging - toast, crackers, cereal - whatever's easy and around the house.

Drinking: leftover orange juice from last week's pancake party at community group.  I think we ended up with enough drinks for everyone to have their own bottle!

Reading: so intently that I really almost missed my Metro stop last night!  I've thought about that happening - and it's why I put off using my Kindle while riding the Metro for a while, I was so afraid it would happen to me - and last night, I had my closest call yet!  My pulse was racing for a good 10 minutes afterwards it panicked me so much!

Wanting: it to be spring already!  We keep getting tastes with 60° days here and there, but mostly it's just been in the 40's and pretty windy this month.

Looking: for plane tickets...still.  Not ready to make things official!

Playing: Spot It.  So much Spot It.  I've taught most of my students at this point, as it's a good game to play to build vocabulary and it's nice for when we just have five minutes or so to fill, however, now I just can't escape it!

Eating: Digestives (the kind with the chocolate on bottom, of course) like a true Brit.  You better believe a pack or two are going to be in my carry on!

Wishing: we had dual U.S. - EU citizenship.  Seriously, if you have it, I hope you realize what a gift it is.

Enjoying: Madrid.  We're sticking around the city this month and trying to explore some of its museums, sights, and parks - especially the free ones.

Loving: city life.  I've been thinking for a few weeks now how much I enjoy living in the city, in the midst of people and excitement and so much LIFE!

Hoping: this is as cold as it gets!  I think February has been our coldest month in Madrid thus far - snow was even predicted for this Thursday at one point.  I will give it to Madrid though - despite the chill, it is mostly sunny.

Listening: to Madrid's newest Metro station performer...that's right, Danny's begun playing guitar and singing in a  few of the Metro stations to make some extra money!  At first he was using the money he made for extra treats that don't usually fit in the grocery budget, like Oreos, Digestives, and such, and then last week he played a lot to save up and take me to afternoon tea on Valentine's Day!

Needing: ...nothing?  Maybe just some more fresh fruit.  I feel like the produce isn't always what I'm used to, and perhaps we could/should still eat it, but I don't necessarily want to spend money on it as it sometimes looks a little dicey.

Smelling: chlorine.  We joke that coming into the library in the mornings reminds us of diving into a swimming pool.

Feeling: damp.  We've had a good amount of rain recently, and things don't dry too quickly here - it's fairly humid, at least compared to Colorado.

Wearing: all the warm clothes EXCEPT fur.  Clearly I'm not a true Spaniard with this sentiment, but that's okay with me.