back in business

Six weeks we've been in Madrid, and for six weeks (okay, longer than that) this space has been quieter than usual.  Not intentionally, believe me, but we've been FIGHTING since the day we got here for internet access in our apartment, knowing that this year it would certainly be possible...and just when it looked like it might not I sit, typing away.  Miracles never cease.  

Aside from the near-all-consuming battle with internet companies (I guess our faithful Spanish-speaking friends have mostly been fighting that for us, but we've been instigating it), we've had a pretty good start to our time back here in España.  The weather's been gorgeous - until it turned last week!  Five weeks of 80°+ shifted after one rainy day to 50's and 60's and everyone's been running for their scarves and winter jackets...not even kidding.  I've been holding out on the heavy layers so far, but just barely.

When we first arrived in Spain we got settled in for a day, attended orientation for our jobs for two days, and because we had a week before school started, set off on a road trip.  It was beautiful, nerve-racking, exciting, and we're really glad we threw it together at the last minute.  Even though it was a while ago, you better believe I'm still going to do a couple or ten posts about it.  

We've been settling into our schools and apartment and new part of town, etc.  Some parts of each are great, some not so much.  Such is life.  More coming soon -  I'm already breaking bedtime in a fairly big way just for this.  Internet access is a dangerous thing!