calle topete apartment tour

Last year, Danny kindly took a bunch of pictures all around our apartment (see it here!) so we could do a virtual apartment tour of sorts for all of our friends and family that might not ever get a chance to come over for dinner or a game night due to the fact that we live in Spain.  So, now that we're settled into our place this year, I figured it was as good a time as any to do another little tour for anyone who might want to see where we hang our clothes, relax in the evenings, and wash our dishes (no dishwasher this year!).  

So, if you come to visit us on Calle Topete, just be forewarned.  The outside is a  In fact, to be completely honest, we had to do a little editing on these photos to make them appropriate for the blog.  For the first few weeks that we lived here, I really really wanted to move.  I hated the neighborhood and really disliked the place.  But now, as I mentioned recently, I've really warmed up to the place (although my thoughts on the neighborhood are still pretty negative - I don't really go out alone on the street after dark).  We are one street off of a very main street that has everything we need - multiple grocery stores, a market, Metro stops, bus stops, clothing stores, restaurants, and more - and it couldn't be any safer, it's just our specific street that's a little weird feeling.

So, now that that's out of the way, here we are.   We're sandwiched between two (no longer operational) storefronts - the cafe bar you see in the first photo and the TV/antenna store in the second photo.  

So if you didn't get scared away by the graffiti on our building or the characters hanging out on the street (they weren't around when Danny took the photos because he took them in the morning...okay around noon but on a weekend everything's still pretty deserted around that time in Spain) then come on in!  

We live on the 4th floor (5th floor for all the Americans) so start climbing the 77 steps to the top - there's no lift (elevator) here.  Welcome to our very first apartment with bars on the windows! ;)  Oh and sorry we forgot to dust the outside sill before you came - I always forget that one!

Walking in the door, this is what you'll see first - our main floor.  It's all one big room, the living room, dining room, and kitchen, although what you're seeing here is obviously the living room portion with the stairs over the mildly comfortable futon and the kitchen to the right.  

Behind the chairs, towards the door where you came in is our kitchen table, a shelf that we use for decorative items, books, and games on the top three shelves, and the bottom two shelves we use to store our school bags/purses when we're at home.  The small table next to the shelf is where we keep our umbrella and keys on our way in and out the door and underneath we have a container for recycling that Danny takes out and empties at a container on our street when it's full.  

Opposite the shelf and right by the table is a closet where we hang our jackets and coats, as well as keep our mop and broom, stepladder, and various other things we've found in the apartment that we don't want out and so we've stuffed in there.  Next to the closet is our bathroom.  It is tiny.  Really tiny.  But it works and we have running water and (usually) hot showers, so, all's well.

And finally on the first floor, our kitchen.  To the right we have a bookshelf with the top two shelves full of dishes, the next two shelves of food, and the bottom shelf of laundry supplies.  The pots and pans hang to the right of the hob (stovetop) and our beloved oven is below (we didn't have one last year but we've really been getting our money's worth out of this one), with our washing machine to the left.  We keep other dishes (cutting boards, bakeware, lids, etc) in the cupboards, and in the microwave cart we keep silverware, knives, and kitchen towels.  Oh, and that's a drying rack for dishes hanging above the sink.  Pretty handy even if it is a bit high for me!

Now let's go upstairs!  Hold on to the wall and, as you get farther up, the banisters, because the steps can be a tad treacherous, especially coming down.  Danny and I have had innumerable close calls while wearing socks.  At the top of the stairs you'll see our bonus room aka Danny's dressing room.  We asked for a desk when we moved in but haven't sat down to use it more than a handful of times, especially now that it's cold out.  It's just so much cozier and warmer on the couch downstairs.  

The sliding mirrored doors open up to Danny's closet, and inside is a dresser as well.  To the right of the closest is a large storage space, which is where we keep our (empty) suitcases, the TV that came with the apartment, extra sheets and towels (for visitors!), and fans for the hot months, along with tons of other random stuff - none of which belongs to us (I haven't really ventured too far in there as there's nails coming down from the roof and the ceiling's pretty low).  If you're thinking the ceiling looks pretty low, you're right, and Danny has bonked his head many times.  Good thing he's got a hard head!  And to the left, the entrance to our room.

Our bedroom serves its purpose, plus as you can see below, houses my closet and dresser (which is outside the closet in this case), and our dirty clothes hamper.  

And with that we conclude our Calle Topete tour.  If you ever want to see more, or come over for pancakes or cinnamon rolls, or even stay for the weekend, just let us know!  We'd love to have you for any/all of the above :)  A final shot from our street last night in the rain...