hello again


Welcome to We are the Everetts, and if you read Everetts Abroad, welcome back!  After I filled up all of the available space on the latter with words and pictures, it was time to find a new home – at least on the Internet. 

Although speaking of new homes, we’ve been a bit busy in that department as well.  At the end of March, after six months spent living in the capital city, we’re leaving Spain and heading to Scotland!  We’re very excited to spend six weeks there, living and volunteering with a family in their home on a farm outside of Dundee. 

Our time in Scotland will wrap up just in time for us to make our way back to the U.S. for both of our brothers’ college graduations, and for Danny to begin training for a new job he’ll be busy at all summer. 

That’s the latest in our off-the-Internet lives, and as far as things go here, well, we’re excited about that too!  We chose a new name because as much as we love living our lives abroad, we know that we might not always be based outside of our home country.  In other words, Everetts Abroad may not always describe us very well.  Although don’t take this as a hint that we’re moving back permanently in May – because that’s not our plan! – it’s just that something a bit more general gives us some space to be open to whatever may come in the future. 

In addition, Danny may be a bit more involved here and there!  He’s planning to help me more behind the scenes, and may even do some writing from time to time.  He was already helping out with photos and proofreading posts, and I’m hoping he’ll take on a larger role as we make the transition. 

So!  That’s what’s new with us.  March will be all kinds of exciting and bittersweet for us as we have our final classes with our students and pack up our apartment, and as we see some things in Madrid we’ve been wanting to and meet the family we’ll be spending all of April with. 

We hope you’ll come along on this journey with us as we learn and explore and adventure together.  We may not know what it will all look like, but we’re confident it will be good.