taking stock: april

Making: more plans for when we're Stateside than when we're abroad now.  So crazy.  Things are getting real now that our flight back to the U.S. is only 16 days away...cue all the mixed emotions.

Cooking: this week?  Curry, sweet potato burrito bowls, lasagna, and I'm not sure what else!  

Reading: nothing.  Honestly, I was reading at least a book, sometimes two or three, a week when we lived in Madrid, but I haven't opened a book since we got to Scotland.  I'd attribute that to a combination of no more time spent waiting for public transportation (Metros, buses, etc) and living at a place with internet - I'm so easily distracted by the World Wide Web and have to be so, so intentional about reading.  

Wanting: to give my mom a big hug and eat a piece of birthday cake (or whatever she wants, really) with her.  Today's her birthday and the time difference and 4,300+ miles we are apart are just...well, sometimes they feel really far apart.  Today is one of those days.  

Looking: forward to being able to communicate with friends and family while being in the same time zone!

Playing: treasure hunt, farm, dress up, tag, hide and seek, Simon Says...to name a few.

Eating: this peanut butter chocolate pie Danny and I (but mostly Danny) made on Saturday night.

Wishing: for a nice pair of wellies, for all the mud and rain and everything in between.  They're just so practical for country living!  I can't think of any time that would be appropriate to wear them in Colorado Springs or in Madrid, but here they sure would be handy!

Enjoying: the sunshine!  We've been having such good weather (read: no rain!) lately, which is really good for both keeping the kids entertained and exploring the area.

Loving: our relaxed pace of life.  I could get used to this!

Hoping: we have lots of nice, sunny weather for our last two weeks here.  Especially during our time in Glasgow and Edinburgh!

Listening: to nursery rhymes and songs Danny's learning on the guitar like The Itsy Bitsy Spider and I'm a Little Teapot, among others.

Needing: just a bit more sleep.  I'm usually woken up by the kids (who wake up with the sun around 6-6:30 each morning) whose bedroom is next to ours and I'm not the best at going to bed early, so, needing to work on that.

Smelling: daffodils.  We have a gorgeous vase of them on the kitchen table right now, and I think we've had fresh ones somewhere in the house ever since we got here.  People are always bringing fresh flowers by and it's just the best!

Feeling: really thankful we decided to spend this time in Scotland before we head back to Colorado.

Wearing: nothing special - just clothes that are good for playing or being outside and staying warm - we're in the mid-40's or low-50's every day.