scotland week 4

This past week has felt so quick...probably because I wrote last week's wrap-up a couple of days late.  But at the same time, it's felt a little slow.  As us four adults were saying at dinner tonight, sometimes the days are quite long, but our time here is really flying by.  We've been in Scotland for nearly a month, which means that two weeks from today we fly to the U.S.

Last Wednesday - Friday we were on the Isle of Skye, and we had an amazing time.  Looking forward to sharing more soon, but since I haven't taken any pictures around the farm since we got back, I'll share a few more from the end of our trip in this post.  Our trip back, for some reason or another, felt really long to both of us, even though we only stopped twice - once to admire the Glenfinnan Viaduct and once for a bathroom break.  We got back once the kids were in bed and on Saturday we jumped back into things.  

Everyone was running around to rugby and ballet and a birthday party on Saturday morning, so we got ourselves organized, and in the afternoon Danny and I did a massive grocery shop - it took us two and a half hours and I don't think either one of us had ever bought so much food in one fell swoop before!  We made a simple supper of tortellini for the kids and ourselves and put the kids to bed so Hugh and Caroline could go to a friend's for dinner...the advantages of live-in babysitters ;)

On Sunday everyone slept in after their late night and the twins and Caroline went off to her sister's for the day while Hugh worked and Danny and I looked after one of the kids and cooked big batches of mushroom a la creme and curry for the week, and a feta and spinach pie and kale salad for dinner.  

The past few days have been a more normal routine now that the twins are back to nursery and things seem to be settling down.  The weather has been so good lately - today it got up to 56° - so we're bouncing on the trampoline, giving lots of pushes on the swings, blowing bubbles, flying kites, playing tag and hide and seek, and pushing the kids (one by one) around on their miniature, but very realistic, John Deere tractor.  We made a few desserts this week for a special event Hugh had at the house today - a chocolate peanut butter pie and a Tunisian orange cake - and tried out a delicious new soup recipe on Monday, but other than that, we're just going with the flow.  

This Friday we're going to Edinburgh for the weekend via Bla Bla Car, a popular ride-sharing service that we heard about in Spain but were never brave enough to try since our Spanish is so poor.  However, we're up to the challenge here, so Caroline's going to drop up off at McDonald's and we're going to ride in a stranger's car to the middle of Edinburgh, spend the weekend exploring the city, and then meet up with her again on Sunday night (dependent, of course, on our Bla Bla Car driver being normal and nice).  We're hoping for more gorgeous weather as we get out and see the city by foot and maybe even have a picnic or two in a park!

A few other assorted things: even though there's no question that everyone speaks English here, sometimes the accent is rather thick, or even more confusing, we use very different words to talk about the same thing, so sometimes if you combine the two, it really feels like a different language.  I've been keeping a list of some of the words, though I know I must be missing some because they just sound normal by now.  I've tried to adapt much of my vocabulary because it's confusing for the kids if I call a "lorry" a "truck" or say "pants" instead of "trousers."  I doubt much of it will stick around once we leave and aren't surrounded by it anymore, but it's been fun learning different words and meanings for words (and for Danny, imitating the accent!).  

Lately, Danny and I have been having conversations about internet usage (too much!  We are on our phones too much, we know that for sure), what we think about Spain now that we're not there any more, how crazy it will be to be living in the U.S. again, kids (caring for them, trying to figure them out - we can't, by the way - why they eat some things and not others, and so on), WorkAway and whether we'd do it again in the future, and the challenge and fun of living with another family.  This season of life is so interesting right now!

Well, that about sums things up for now.  Hope you're getting some spring sunshine wherever you are, and happy Wednesday!