taking stock: may

Making: so many to-do lists.  It's amazing how much simpler our life seemed in Spain/Scotland than it does here.  It seems like I immediately have 10x as many things to think about/do/take of/remember/stay on top of.  

Cooking: very little!  We've wanted to see friends after being away for almost eight months, and so many of them have been so kind to have us over for a meal, which has been so nice since we're not at a place where we can host right now.  And just like when we were in Madrid, Danny's been continuing to spearhead much of the cooking we have been doing, which is just fantastic.  

Reading: picture books, about one a night with Danny before bed.  We really missed this little tradition while we were away, so we've been having fun picking it up again now that we can take advantage of the library again.  

Wanting: 25 to be my best year yet...starting tomorrow (it's my birthday)!  I'm all about lists and goals and reading articles, so I'm hoping to learn some things (maybe some more Spanish?), change some things, and maybe even get rid of some things (clothes?  shoes?  I don't know...just thinking out loud here).  

Looking: at plane tickets already!  Have I mentioned yet that we're planning to return to Madrid in the fall?!  Time to start lining up our visas, and then everything else.  Feels like we were just doing all this not too long ago...

Playing: not enough Ticket to Ride.  Maybe I can get a game in tomorrow!

Eating: dark chocolate with raspberries!  Danny gave me a bar (my favorite!) on our little pre-birthday adventure tonight

Wishing: we were in Croatia like my brother and sister-in-law-to-be who just got engaged there yesterday!  Woohoo for them, though - on being engaged and on being in Croatia!  

Enjoying: an early birthday celebration!  Tonight Danny took me to the camp where he's working this summer and we went down the zip line together just as the sun was setting...very fun.

Loving: seeing Pikes Peak every single day.  My in-laws (who we're living with for the summer) have amazing views out the back windows on their first floor! 

Hoping: for bright sunny days from here on out.  

Listening: to the radio!  Oh the joys of having a car again.  

Needing: to get a tad bit more organized in our room for the summer.  And to go through all our mail from the past eight months... 

Smelling: swordfish!  Last night Danny's dad made swordfish for supper and it smelled so good!  I honestly never knew that people even ate swordfish!

Feeling: surprisingly content with how the summer's shaping up.  One of us was more excited than the other to return to the US for a while (guess who), but now that we're in it, I'm settling right in and doing alright.  Staying busy is good + friends who ask good questions, and we have both right now :)

Wearing: work clothes, almost every day.  I've been (pleasantly) surprised to get to sub at the library almost every day since we've been back, and it's been keeping me nice and busy!