taking stock: june

Making: mental lists of places to visit in Spain and beyond this upcoming school year.  Greece, Florence, Barcelona, Granada, Morocco, San Sebastian, London (always London), Amsterdam, Croatia, Switzerland, + about 50 others...I think we need more than just ten months to see it all, or else just priorities.

Cooking: so little.  We eat at camp when we're working there, piece together lots of things, eat lots of leftovers, eat with friends...life's funny these days.  

Reading: all the back issues of Hello! magazine from the library.  Gotta catch up on all my royal news ;)

Wanting: all the medium-hot weather.  Not sunburn-hot but dresses-and-shorts-hot is okay with me.  It is now officially summer, so I guess I should be ready for it all.

Looking: at the movies I've checked out from the library and wondering just how many we'll end up watching.  I think we have about 25 (which really isn't too bad, considering we didn't watch any movies the whole 7.5 months we were in Spain/Scotland), and if I had to guess I'd say we'll get to about 3 of them.  Hey, at least we have options!

Playing: water balloon volleyball!  Well, okay not me, but four out of five week days this week I'm leading water games (water balloon volleyball and slip-n-slide) at camp.  I really do want to give it a try though (I think I could actually play this type of volleyball vs this real kind!), so maybe I can jump in with the kids if we have an uneven number later this week.

Eating: homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches.  Danny's been wanting to make them for a while, and when we volunteered to bring dessert to a friend's on Monday, he decided to make chocolate chip cookies and then put mint chocolate chip ice cream in between two of them.  They were pretty great...and now the hard part is to not eat the leftovers all at once.

Wishing: I was better at sunscreen application.  Got a reeeeal bad sunburn working at camp on Monday and am now paying for it basically every time I move.  

Enjoying: how simple life can be living in your native country.  Life's good and fairly simple right now when we don't have to think twice about so many of life's daily and regular tasks (going to work, the store, the library, we get to see friends a couple of nights a week, we have more books and movies in our own language than we know what to do with, and so on).  

Loving: living in the basement.  It's always cool, especially on those 90°+ days.  Reminds me of retreating to my parents basement for dinner, sleeping, playing - basically everything - in the summer when I was a kid.

Hoping: we find just the right apartment before we return to Madrid.  I think we're both feeling a little anxious about that but not quite ready to throw down all the money for one yet.  

Listening: to the wind out of the car windows.  I'm getting tired of the radio after about six weeks back, so now I'm just enjoying the breeze.  

Needing: to finish up our visa stuff!!

Smelling: rain.  It's June, which means we're getting thunderstorms many afternoons and evenings.  If only it would continue all summer long...but I doubt it.

Feeling: like time is really ticking.  Where has June gone?!  Only about two more months left in the US before we're back in Spain!

Wearing: all my new birthday clothes!  I used my birthday money and gift cards in record time (within a month of the big day!) and have been having such fun wearing new things here and there.  After not buying anything since my birthday last year, I'm feeling like a whole new person!