life lately

Well, this past Saturday marked one month since we arrived back in the US for the summer, and for as much as I might not have wanted to come back, things have been going quite well.  We've settled into new routines - or rather, as much of a routine as we can since I'm working on a substitute basis and Danny's hours are sort of irregular as well - and are enjoying being back in a place where we know our way around (for the most part).  

We got back on a Wednesday night, and we spent the next four days at my parents' house, doing a bit of laundry, making a much needed Target trip, and just spending time together.  We also celebrated my brother and Danny's brother's college graduation, and saw Danny's immediate family for the first time since being back as they were in town for the ceremony.   Before we left  Greeley to come down to Colorado Springs, we enjoyed lunch on the patio at my parents' together and a slightly painful but fun game of cornhole (some of us are better than others...) before my brother and his girlfriend left for Italy the next day.

Our first week in Colorado Springs we settled in a bit (Danny's parents are kindly letting us live with them this summer!), started working (Danny's working as the challenge course supervisor at a nearby camp and retreat center, and I'm working there as well on the rec staff, but only on an as-needed basis, so far I've mostly been subbing at different libraries in the area) and reunited with some friends over dinner.  

Danny's brother and his wife came up for the weekend and on Saturday afternoon the guys worked out while us girls went for a walk.  In the evening we all ate dinner together with Danny's parents, and the next morning we went to church and, unexpectedly, saw a lot of friends, which was really fun since we went to our church's north campus (we usually go downtown).  In the afternoon we got ready for Danny's sister's bridal shower, while the fellas hung out with some old friends from community college, and then ate cupcakes and opened presents, like any good bridal shower.  

Our second week in Colorado Springs I worked significantly more than the first week (yahoo!), we saw a few more friends, and on my birthday I met my mom in Denver for a walk around Washington Park and lunch at Watercourse Foods.  In the evening, Danny and I went to a vegan cooking class at the library.  Also worth noting, the night before my birthday Danny blindfolded me and took me to the ropes course at the camp he works at, which he had been planning since we were in Spain (i.e. quite a while) and was so, so pumped about.  We got there and I could tell he was so excited so I tried to be the same way but I was just...not.  Ha.  I like zip lines (that's what we were going to do), but the thing is, we had to get up to it.  Climbing up was the issue.  It all ended up okay, but I think in the future we shouldn't do surprises ;) 

We went up to Greeley a few days later for the weekend and had a little pizza and apple pie (my mom's is THE BEST) birthday celebration with my parents.  The next morning we rode bikes on the Poudre River Trail before it got too hot (summer, we feel you approaching quickly!).  There was even a dog park along the trail (reminding me of the afternoons we spent at Parque Juan Carlos here) that we stopped at so I could watch the dogs running around and antagonizing each other.  Also my mom revealed that she can ride with no hands and I was super impressed until everyone revealed in the car that they could do it also and I was the only one not brave enough to try it/the only safe bike rider in the family.  Regardless, I had no idea my mom was so daring.  

Our third week in Colorado Springs was pretty uneventful - I worked every day but Monday, including Saturday and Sunday, and we went over to Danny's sister's house for dinner twice over the weekend.  Speaking of the weekend, it was Memorial Day weekend, so Danny had training weekend with all of the staff on his team, so he enjoyed a chance to get to know everyone a bit better and also learn a bit more about camp and his job this summer.  On Memorial Day, I went to Territory Days with Danny's parents and sister, and once Danny got off of work, we went over to his sister's for dinner.  We are really getting spoiled with all of this family time!  

The first week of June was more of the same, and we headed up to Greeley on Friday afternoon for the wedding of my brother's best friend.  The wedding was at the church Danny and I got married at 3.5 years ago, and the reception was in the same building (although not the same room) as ours, so that was really fun for us.  My brother was the best man and he gave the best speech of the night (I'm biased, I suppose, but still, it's true!), plus we got to see the newly engaged couple (yes, my brother and his girlfriend are now my brother and his fiancée!) for the first time since their return from Italy.  Oh!  And the photo booth.  Welcome to the crazy, Megan.  

Saturday we went to Ft Collins for a May birthdays lunch (both my dad and I have birthdays within about a week and a half, and in April my mom, brother, and Megan all have birthdays within a week and a half too, so we all now do one meal out for the month - Danny gets his own in October!) and a walk around City Park.  We came across a disc competition for dogs - owners would throw the frisbee for their who dog would run after it and try to catch it in mid-air.  It was great fun to watch - more so the adult part than the youth as the kids weren't quite as good at throwing as the adults...but it was all really hilarious.  After an afternoon game of Telestrations (always a hoot), Danny and I had dinner at a friends house and met their chickens.  I was frightened of them even while they were in the coop, but once the guys let them out and started handling them, I had no control.  I just don't really enjoy birds and such creatures.  

Sunday we went to church with my brother and Megan, had lunch all together, looked at pictures from their Italy trip and enjoyed the loot they brought back (and felt a little guilty that we brought back nothing for anyone after being gone for 7.5 months...maybe next time?!).  And then we were off because we wanted to try out a new meal group recommended by some of our friends from our old meal group.  We were a little late but it was no problem and we really liked it!  I think we may have found somewhere to make new friends and a community this summer!  Yahoo!  

So, that's the long and the short of our past month here in the good ol' US of A...looking forward to this upcoming month...hopefully plenty more work for both of us, more time with friends and family, more meals outside, more walks in the neighborhood and around some of our favorite Colorado Springs spots, plus a camping trip at the end of the month to look forward to!