taking stock: july

Making: plans for the weekend.
Cooking: this orzo salad for dinner last night, along with some Brussels sprouts.
Drinking: water, as usual.
Reading: about how to learn languages.  Must. Do. Better. With. Spanish.
Wanting: cheap airfare back to Spain.  A girl can dream, right?
Looking: at the stormy afternoon skies.
Playing: Ticket to Ride for the first time since Scotland.  (And I lost.)
Wasting: opportunities?  time?  I should start doing squats while I brush my teeth ;)
Wishing: I knew for sure how quickly our visas would come back...
Enjoying: warm weather.  
Waiting: for our friends from North Carolina to get here!!  They're making a cross-country road trip and I've been following their progress on Instagram, which has been fun but it feels like they're never going to make it to us :)
Liking: goat cheese on my pizza (not vegan, I know, but we discovered a few new things in Spain and this is one of them that I'll indulge in on occasion).  
Wondering: if we'll like our new neighborhood in Madrid (oh yeah - we found an apartment!).
Loving: the movie we watched the other night, "Bridge of Spies."  Highly recommend it.   

Hoping: we're able to squeeze in a beach trip this fall before school starts.
Needing: to make more time for reading.  
Smelling: sunscreen.  Someone turned in 8 books that they apparently put in a pool bag with an opened bottle of sunscreen before turning everything in at the library today...and ended up with quite the hefty fine and some aromatic books because of it!
Wearing: all the summer dresses.
Following: this little line-up of blog post ideas I have but kind of running out of ideas here.  I think it's time to go on a trip or do something besides work...
Knowing: that we'll be back over Christmas/New Year's has me feeling like good-byes aren't going to be bad at all this time.  
Thinking: I could be wrong about that last statement.
Feeling: ready for Spain! (famous last words!!!)
Bookmarking: my favorite blogs so I don't have to try to remember what they are.  Maybe this is why I "need to make time for reading."
Feeling: disappointed that Danny's discount at CB & Potts applies only to him.  Friends and family, it turns out, can only get 25% off.  For shame.