reina sofía

My final Madrid post until we return in pretty much exactly five weeks (hopefully!).  

(This whole weekly-Madrid-post-thing has dragged out so much longer than I intended, sorry about that, but like I said, final one!)

I'm just going to cut to the chase here and say that the Reina Sofía, or should I say, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is my least favorite museum in Madrid.  I could say thus far, but I think that almost no matter what else comes, it will still be my least favorite.  I dislike modern art that much.  

The Reina Sofía is Spain's national museum of 20th-century art, but to most untrained eyes, that would come across as modern art, am I right?  It's mostly Spanish art inside, and features some of Spain's most famous 20th-century fellas, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí (among many others, but those are two that most everyone, even I, would know).  In fact, Pablo Picasso's Guernica is at the Reina Sofia (although this has been a bit controversial since Picasso wrote in his will that the painting should live at the Prado, which it did until the Reina Sofía opened in 1992 at which point it was moved), and over time it has become a timeless symbol against the suffering and devastation of war.  It's absolutely massive, and quite the sight to behold.  

And now, I present some of the, ahem, art we saw while we walked around.  

Sometimes I really think I could be a modern artist.  I mean, look at some of this!  Newspaper clippings pasted onto white paper, then framed, one word typed onto a single sheet of paper, then placed next to other sheets of paper in a case, and so on.  I just...I don't know.  

I don't think it's all too necessary for me to give much of a wrap-up here because I think it's already obvious how I feel about Queen Sofia's museum.  It's not my favorite.  If I can help it, I'll never go back again.  It is free during certain hours (at this point, most every evening from 7-9pm and Sundays from 1-7:30pm), which is when I recommend trying to go in case it's not your cup of tea.  I think I'm more of a Prado or Thyssen girl - no offense to the Reina Sofía at all - I remembering posting a picture of myself at the Tate Modern in London when we were there a few years ago with the caption "I hate the Tate."  Me and modern's just not a good combo.