life lately

It's hard for me to wrap my mind around, but we're just over halfway through our summer in the US.  Some days I'm really excited to head back to Spain, but most days I'm just consumed with the here and now, with living our current reality of work and friends and family and big, blue Colorado skies.  Saying good-bye to it all again doesn't feel like it will really happen, but I know that it will (of course, pending visa approval!).   

In the past month we've been working on our visas, and now we just need to finish up some small (and a few not so small) details, and then get ourselves and the heap of paperwork we've amassed to Los Angeles to turn it in and hope for the best.  We're obviously confident that it's all going to turn out because we've booked an apartment in Madrid from the start of September until the end of next June!  Eee!  It's everything we need (and a bit more!), a great price point, a new part of town, and there's, in theory, space for guests, so...Madrid anyone?  

I worked quite a bit this month (at least five days a week every week except for one), but when I wasn't working, we managed to squeeze in some fun.  We made it to our meal group once (hoping to be more regular in July!), we saw our friends Andrew and Lisa twice, met our friends Andy and Chelsea at the park for ice cream treats and a walk, said good-bye to our friends the McCombs who are moving (well, at this point, I should say have moved) to San Antonio, had dinner with our friends John and Liz, went camping with my family, and celebrated Danny's sister's wedding.  

We haven't completed many things on my "In America" to-list for this summer, but we did go to Red Rock Open Space, one of our favorite places in the area, one Sunday in June after church.  It was a bit hotter than we realized, so we didn't go very far, but it was still great to get out and enjoy a quick and easy hike.  

The third weekend in June we went to the wedding of our good friends Nolan and Jillian.  We met them at our meal group while they were still dating, about nine months after we got married and moved to Colorado Springs, so it was really special to get to be a part of their wedding almost three years later.  We also really enjoyed seeing and catching up with lots of friends from our old meal group that we hadn't gotten to see since last September.

On Sunday, Father's Day, we made breakfast for Danny's parents, including a spinach and feta pie recipe we learned while in Scotland (and some Rhodes Bake-n-Serv cinnamon rolls from the store, so don't be too impressed ;)

In the afternoon we met my parents for lunch at Tokyo Joe's in the Denver area and had ice cream sundaes with my grandparents, parents, and brother and his fiancée.

The last weekend in June we went camping with my family outside of Estes Park.  A whole post for that soon, but until then, a couple of photos...

And, to finish out the past month, our 4th of July weekend festivities, which were centered around Danny's sister's wedding (it was actually on the 4th) and all of the family that was in town for that.  I'll give all of that its own post too, but for now, a little preview...

That about sums up (in short) our June and the first bit of July.  Looking forward to the rest of July, in which we'll both keep working - Danny's started a second job at a nearby restaurant in the evenings - we have a few 1st birthdays to celebrate, and one of the most anticipated few days of the summer are coming up as well: our friends Paige and Neil are coming to visit from North Carolina for a long weekend!!  So, until next month!  Hope yours is a good one!