taking stock: august

Making: lists upon lists of tasks to complete and things to pack - just over a week and counting now!
Cooking: everything I won't be cooking in Spain.  Jokes, jokes.  I've cooked like 3 whole meals myself this entire summer.
Reading: magazines and picture books like the library's about to go out of business.
Wanting: it to still be summer when we get to Madrid.  I'm hoping that like last year, the summer weather hangs on for a long, long time...like November or so, I'd be okay with that.  
Looking: for things in do in NYC and Frankfurt (we have long layovers in both places on our way to Madrid) that don't cost a lot or require much of an attention span (we'll be running on airplane "sleep").
Playing: Bananagrams with my parents.  And I finally broke my year or so long losing streak!
Wasting: time and energy researching a trip to the beach after we get to Spain.  I think we've finally realized it's just might not be in the cards right now.
Wishing: I could have a dog, but without all the responsibility...we went to a dog show in Greeley last weekend and I was just dying over all of the cute dogs.  
Enjoying: the feeling of having our visas + passports in hand and ready to go!!!  So thankful to have received them so quickly and without any issues! 
Waiting: to go back to our favorite (okay, the only one we went to but whatever) pincho place in Madrid...we're not living within walking distance any more, but a Metro ride away is fine with me.
Liking: the idea of already having friends in Spain.  I have a good feeling about this year :)
Wondering: if I can be more than just talk when it comes to my packing game.  I've been saying all summer that I'm only going to pack in a small carry-on + one big (50lbs or less) suitcase, and I really mean it.  Last year we brought five for the two of us - one carry-on and four checked bags - so we'll see if we can really decrease that this year.  
Loving: the fact that both Danny and I get to be in my brother's wedding!  This has never happened before (not being in my brother's wedding, I mean, yes, that, but us being in a wedding together) so that feels really fun to me.  Not to mention a real honor!  

Hoping: that my days of listening to techno for hours on end are about over (I worked blacklight dodgeball at camp three days last week and then on Tuesday for six hour-long sessions and heard the same playlist loop over and over and...)
Needing: socks, smaller carry-on luggage, a new backpack, a new water bottle, a replacement for my trusty crossbody bag - nothing too fun but lots to pick up and check off my lists before we step on that plane next week.
Smelling: sweaty middle schoolers.  Remember how I mentioned being cooped up in a gym for 8+ hours refereeing blacklight dodgeball?
Wearing: jeans and a sweatshirt.  All of a sudden it's barely 60° and threatening to rain almost every day...it's still August right?
Following: a friend's trip to Thailand and the Maldives and thinking that maybe at some point we should spend a bit of time in Asia...
Noticing: hints of fall in the air!  It's been in the upper 40s some early mornings this week, and last weekend it wasn't warm enough to wear shorts even once!  
Knowing: this year could be our last in Spain and already feeling sad.
Thinking: about how I am not a true fan of the Olympics since the only sport I really followed was the gymnastics.  Disregard everything I said in my last post about the Olympics (except I still think every four years is a little too long in between).
Bookmarking: 10 secretly stunning towns in Europe and hoping Danny's driving lessons (to learn how to drive a manual) go well tomorrow.
Feeling: happy, anxious, excited, nervous, thankful.