life lately

It's that time again (how?  how can it be?!).  July has come and gone, and August is starting to sneak away too.  July was pretty much work + family + friends.  Some highlights in there for sure, but overall, that's what it can be summed up as.  

In words and (mostly) pictures...

I went to Danny's dad's band's show one Friday night at the beginning of the month while Danny was working at CB & Potts, and the next day a 1st birthday party.  So fun to see a bunch of friends, eat Liz's delicious food (it always, without fail, is amazing), and celebrate Margot (and her parents! let's be real!).  I also enjoyed a trip to the dog park with my friend Chelsea and her pooch Peaches that weekend (Danny had quite the work schedule those couple of days).  

Cow Appreciation Day on our way to Denver one afternoon...because we can't pass up a free meal, and certainly not one that involves Chick-fil-a.  Waffle fries are my weakness.  Oh and dinner with good friends Amanda and Oliver that evening.

My Aunt Becky and cousins Daniel and Paul came to Colorado from Texas for a couple of weeks, and I was able to see them for a few of those days.  We played games together, hung out with my parents and my brother and his fiancée, and spent a day in Ft Collins touring CSU (my older cousin is starting to check out colleges!) and ate pizza at one of my aunt's old college hangouts.  It had been quite some time since we had all seen each other (and it was a shame that Danny wasn't able to join in the fun), but great that we were able to take advantage of the opportunity and catch up a bit.    

The following weekend Danny and I headed up to Greeley for a quick trip to celebrate our nephew, Henry's, first birthday.  We forgot our camera in the car (how could we?  This never happens to us!) but asked them to email us some pictures, because it's a 1st birthday!  Can't resist that.  Lots of presents and family and friends, and a good time was had by all, I do believe, especially the birthday boy.  

The second to last weekend in July our friends Paige and Neil joined us for a long weekend of fun as a part of their 47-day road trip from Asheville, NC to Utah and back.  Paige and I met five years ago when we went to China together for two months, and while we're not the best at staying in touch, we've been able to meet up here and there throughout the years and always have the best time together.  

Danny's sister and her husband kindly let the four of us stay at their home and pet sit for them while they were away for the weekend, and then the last night we moved the party to Danny's parents' place - a real treat to not have to pay to stay somewhere together.  We spent our time together at some classic Colorado Springs places (Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Open Space, Paint Mines, the Broadmoor), as well as cooking meals and playing games together.  

 And then, before we knew it, Danny and I had to head back to work and Paige and Neil went on to Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days.  We met back up on Wednesday for one last essential Colorado experience: Casa Bonita.  Back in the planning stages of their trip Paige described the restaurant to me and how she wasn't sure if it was the real deal, but if so, she thought they should go.  I confirmed it was an actual place, and said if they went, we would really like to join.  And sometimes everything happens just right, because Colleen and Joseph, who were also in China that summer five years ago (and who are now married!) were passing through Colorado for about 24 hours that evening and were able to join in the fun.  It was just too good, but now Danny has sworn off Casa Bonita parties because apparently between the waterfall and mariachi band and the shows that happen every fifteen minutes, it's not conducive for conversation, he says.  Every party needs a pooper...

Casa Bonita was Wednesday night and Thursday morning Danny's Aunt Marykay and her fiancé Walker, and Danny's cousin Jessica came into town from the Atlanta area for a long weekend.  Danny hadn't seen them in ?? years and I hadn't met them before, so it was great to share meals together, show them a bit of Colorado Springs, play games, and just spend time together.  While the relatives were in town, Danny's sister and her husband and Danny's brother and his family were around too, so it was quite the family gathering that weekend.  

The day after Danny's relatives left, my mom came to visit me in Colorado Springs for a quick trip. We went to the zoo (so fun to go back since I had a membership for three years and then haven't been back for a year!), walked around the Broadmoor, hiked up to Pulpit Rock, ate out all of our meals (always a special treat!), and just enjoyed being together.  Danny's parents offered up their place so she could stay with us, which was super nice especially since they had just finished up hosting their own family for five nights!

Last Thursday (a week ago from yesterday) we passed our three-months-in-the-US-for-summer mark and also our one month to go point.  We turned in all of our visa materials a few days ago in Los Angeles and got a positive response from the guy at the consulate who accepted them, and he said that we should go ahead and buy our plane tickets, so, that's what we've done.  Hoping that wasn't a bad call on our part, but, tickets and apartment we have, so just waiting on you visas!  Here's to our last three weeks in America and all of the 2,593 things I have to do between now and then!