what's up and a little update, por fin!

It has been one day shy of seven weeks since I last updated the blog, and while I definitely didn't anticipate that being the case, it has been for a few reasons.  One, it took nearly two months for us to get internet installed in our apartment.  Yeah.  I wrote that correctly.  It's almost like we were the first people in all of Spain to get internet service, it took such an insane amount of time, as well as so many trips to the store and phone calls to make it happen...but it's here and it's working, sooo....all is (basically) forgiven.  The other reason that I haven't been around these parts is that while we have some internet access at school, our situation is much different than what we both are used to, and we have had to make a lot of adjustments.  I simply haven't had the spare time that I had during my school days last year to work on personal projects, and without internet at home, many things like blogging have slipped to the wayside as it's just not as important as things like making appointments to renew our visas or paying credit card bills or planning classes.


Over the past seven weeks I've certainly seriously contemplated stopping blogging.  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, but the fact is that I'm way behind - I still haven't finished with the long weekend trip we took to London this past May to celebrate my birthday...and we are coming up on that being six months ago.  And that's not all.  There's my parents' visit, everything we saw and did and ate in Istanbul (I know you've already heard all about how I felt about Turkey, I'll spare you that for the 20th time), plus the trips we took around Turkey, our two weeks in Greece, and the two months we've been back in Spain - all that makes me want to throw down my laptop and be like FORGET IT - I really like going through photos and writing but between the backlog and school this year feeling more like a full-time job (we get paid for only 24 hours of work) than I think it should, I'm just not sure I'll ever make it to the present, which is really what would happen in an ideal situation.  (Can you hear me and my cozy 1st world self going on and on over here?  Shall I continue?  I didn't think so.)


We are really just a-okay here in Madrid, chugging away in our third (!!!) school year here, a fact that I can hardly even believe.  Fall has really hit within the past week or so, but we don't really mind, because for the first time since leaving Colorado, we have heat (correction: we have radiators, but they're doing their job)!  Details forthcoming on our jobs and apartment and daily lives, OF COURSE (I guess I have to keep blogging for at least a little bit), but we are basically living our best lives in our new apartment - we are just so stoked about it, even still, two months in to living in it.  And like in past years, Christmas feels like it's just about here too, since there's no buffer between Halloween and the granddaddy of 'em all...lights and window displays have been up since November 1st, and Christmas chocolates and Advent calendars in grocery stores since well before.  No school tomorrow for some reason unbeknownst to me, however, I'm still sticking to a normal bedtime, so I've got to wrap up here, at least until motivation strikes again!