thanksgiving 2017

Last week we celebrated our third Thanksgiving in Spain, which sounds crazy and like we've been here for a really long time, but actually, it hasn't even been two full years yet.  I got out my journal and decided to do an official count - we actually just passed the year and a half mark last month (a few days before Thanksgiving in fact).  Like it is with so many American expats worldwide, we went about our normal life on Thanksgiving.  It did so happen that neither of us had a class first hour, though, so we made muffins, but we probably would have done that regardless of the holiday.  After school, we made dinner and cleaned up quickly because, as we do every Thursday evening, we had Spanish at 7pm.  After our lesson (which takes place at our kitchen table), we Skyped with both our families, and then got off to bed, because on Fridays Danny has an early teachers class where he usually has to leave for school around 7:30am.


On Saturday we got some friends together at our place and with a bit of creative furniture rearranging, we fit everyone around our table that's usually meant for four (shout out to the coffee table that doubled as a bench for three)!  Everyone brought a couple of things and we ended up with a tasty spread of many Thanksgiving staples plus some special additions like Danny's new favorite butternut squash macaroni, Ansley's beer bread, and rolls from the supermarket (hey, we didn't have an oven our first year in Madrid either). 

I'm including a picture of my plate below and if you find yourself thinking, "Hmm...looks like a really small plate," well, that's because we only have six standard size plates, six spoons, six forks, six knives, you get the picture.  So not only did we ask people to bring food and themselves, but also some utensils and plates, because I was okay with using a table as a chair, but I was going to draw the line at two people eating out of serving dishes.  Don't worry, though, I definitely got seconds, and two pieces of pie as well. ;)


Warm apartment, crowded table, paying jobs, able bodies, delicious food (and leftovers to boot!), friends and family both near and far, and much, much more - it was a Thanksgiving with much to be thankful for indeed.

 See how we celebrated Thanksgiving last year here in you like!  :)