four years

Well we're inching along to five years of marriage at this point, seeing how it's mid-February right now, but on January 3rd we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our marriage!  We were in Colorado for two weeks over Christmas and New Year's (see all about it here) and so we didn't go away for the night or anything this year, but we did have some rather nice celebrations.  

We kicked things off with our anniversary cake - you know the one where you save the top layer of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary?  That one.  Except the bakery we used for our wedding cake lets you eat all the cake and then come back for a fresh one on your anniversary.  Well, we were living in Colorado Springs for our first two anniversaries and it wasn't convenient to get the cake, and last year we were living in Spain but on vacation in Malta over our anniversary, so this year I was determined!  I mean, what if the place went out of business sometime, or if at some point they were just like, "Come on guys.  You're finally getting around to it on your 12th anniversary?  Forget it!  We don't even do that free thing anymore."  So we MADE IT HAPPEN this year.  


DSC03831.JPG was kind of a letdown.  Unless I don't remember how our wedding cake tasted, this one tasted nothing like it.  Yes, the flavors were the same (lemon cake, raspberry filling) but not all flavors/cakes/fillings/frostings are created equal.  I almost ate this one out of obligation, and the original one I couldn't get enough of.  Oh well.  I guess if one was going to be better, at least it was the first, right?

Our actual anniversary, though, made up for where the cake lacked.  I surprised Danny with afternoon tea at the Brown Palace in downtown Denver and we had THE nicest time.  I was shy to pull out the camera at first since we don't usually dine at such swanky spots, but once we got going, well, like usual, we couldn't stop.  

We've had afternoon tea together in a host of places from Madrid to Malta to London to Boulder but I think this one ranks as my favorite - so far.  The ambiance, the service, and most important to us, the food, was all top-notch.  If the prices weren't also a of the line...I'd try to get away with coming here for every special occasion I could come up with.  

Our final anniversary celebration was just last week, here in Madrid!  We went to a vegetarian restaurant that we've had our eye on since our very first day in the city (September 24, 2015, I do believe) when we were wandering around and looking for somewhere to eat that night.  We didn't eat there - we've hardly eaten out at all here in fact, but are trying to remedy that slowly - but as we were doing research for Anniversary Celebrations Round III, the name came up and well, I'll spare you a description of the hours we spent deciding where to go, but we went!  Yerbabuena it was, although I didn't realize it was the same place from way back when till we arrived, "...Oh...the place with the lime green walls...I didn't know it was this place..."  

Little did I know that this place, with its multi-course extravaganza of never-ending food was, choice of paint aside, a real gem.  We both received our choice of drinks (juice for me, tea for Danny), bread, starters the size of entrees (I had risotto, Danny had a spinach/raisin/almond/vegetable filet dish that was fantastic), entrees (paella for me, pasta for Danny), and dessert (chocolate mousse for me and fruits of the forest in cream for Danny, although I couldn't manage more than a few bites of mine so Danny helped me quite a bit).  It was really a feast, and one we'd gladly repeat again for a special occasion or, really, anytime.

Thanks to our parents and grandparents who graciously gave us some money to help us celebrate our marriage and anniversary - and also support us in many ways big and small throughout the year.  We love you!