bouziès, france

The little town of Bouziès (population ~80) wasn't much more than a drive-by for us.  It was on my list, but, as you may be noticing as a theme already, due to time constraints (I waaaay overplanned this trip), we had to keep driving in order to see the four other places on the docket for the day and avoid arriving at our Airbnb at midnight.  So, we took a few pictures out of the car window, drove across the town's suspension bridge slowly, and went a tiny bit out of our way to drive through some tunnels of rock as we were leaving town.  

And, a few minutes down the road, we stopped for a picnic lunch of veggies and pitas and pretzels dipped in hummus, apples, rice cakes, and raw nuts - so basically a bunch of snacks.  We did this a few times throughout our trip and it became a favorite lunch because who doesn't love snacking, and snacking so much that it becomes a meal?  Well, it seemed like a good idea to us, especially because we were trying to keep our snacks pretty healthy.  

So, a really short stop (hardly a stop, really) - which makes for a short post - and onto Rocamadour!  See more of our French road trip here: Toulouse, Cahors, and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.