loubressac, france

Danny's favorite village on our trip through southern France was Saint-Cirq-Lapopie (see all about it here), and although it was really, really lovely (the river!  the cliff!  the pretty houses!  the valley below!  the combination of everything put together!), it was a touch touristy for me, and wasn't my top spot.  Loubressac, while it doesn't have the natural beauty that some other villages can boast, is impressively beautiful architecturally.  Every single house, even the newer ones, is pretty, and feels really classically French (even though I'm really no expert).  

We arrived in the early evening, around 7ish, so everything was closed - not that there's really much that could've been open anyways, aside from a restaurant or two, the tourist office and the church - and we were the only people on the streets.  We spent no more than 15 minutes walking around the main streets (okay, there were only two, really), decided we'd pretty much seen it all, and continued on our way.  We almost skipped the village (one of the most beautiful in France, and not just by my own declaration - see the sign below!) due to time constraints, but I'm sure glad we didn't.  

D - Loubressac is a village that you feel like you could just stroll around forever.  Though we were there just a short time, it felt like the type of place where you can truly relax and it makes you think, "hmm...maybe I could live in France after all."  If you were just going to visit one village to capture the essence of the French countryside, Loubressac would be as good a choice as any, and perhaps even better than most!


After Loubressac we stopped briefly in Figeac, and then continued onto Marcillac-Vallon, where we spent the night and the next morning as well (told you I overplanned!).  See more of our French road trip: our first day in France was spent in Toulouse (more here), and on the first day of our road trip we stopped in Cahors, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, BouzièsRocamadour, and at Padirac Cave.