figeac, france

Well, my computer went kaput late last week so I am relying on posts that I already had the photos uploaded and ready and just needed to do the writing all my photos are lost somewhere in cyberspace/computer graveyard currently.  This could be last of the France posts unless someone is able to resurrect the old one BUT four people at the Apple store told me the issue is "muy, muy raro" and sent me away, so I'm not holding out too much hope.  Until we decide to buck up and buy a new one, this is all I've got.  I know you're just as sad as me.  ;)

Figeac is a classic example of my overplanning at work.  I think we only stopped because we needed some WiFi in order to log into Airbnb and tell our host that we were so sorry, but we were going to be later than anticipated (only the second of such messages we sent to hosts on our trip, but certainly not the last).  We arrived as the sun was setting, walked for just a short while along the River Cele, and then left town.  We didn't get to see the historical medieval center (some parts date back to the 9th century!), or really any of the town except that which we drove through, but what we did see was lovely.  It felt quite big to me at the time, probably because we'd been in towns all day that mostly have populations of less than a 1,000 people, and Figeac has about 10,000 - we got our WiFi by standing outside of a McDonald's and saw grocery stores nearby that have chains throughout Europe, so perhaps it's a bit of hub for the area.  Some photos from our drive and walk through the metropolis of Figeac...

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