solo saturday

Most Saturdays for us look fairly similar: we sleep in a little bit, make breakfast together (usually one of these recipes), clean up, maybe read or play a game and then realize it's time to start making lunch already so we do that, leave the house in the early afternoon to run some errands or visit a park, then maybe have dinner with friends in the evening or eat else leftovers as we're typically sick of being in the kitchen after all that cooking.  They're pretty low-key days, but nice days, and I'd be lying if I said that major changes to those plans don't usually disappoint me.  

Well, a few weeks ago Danny went over to a friend's house early on a Saturday morning and came back around dinner time for a day of 'jamming' (for the uninitiated - ahem, myself - primarily playing guitar, but also singing and other musical activities I think) with some other activities thrown in for good measure (think lunch and swimming).  This left me with a totally free Saturday with all of my friends otherwise occupied, my computer broken, and, well, pretty much no idea what I should do with the 10 hours ahead of me.  

I cleaned up from breakfast first, and then spent a while lying on the couch reading.  I don't think I'd ever done this before in the time we've lived in our apartment.  When I have free time I feel like I should do some sort of task or chore or check something off my to-do list.  My dad is similar in this way, although I know he's still more productive than me...  Anyways, since my usual methods of productivity were not an option, I somehow convinced myself to lay back for a while and enjoy my book, but I didn't totally abandon myself - I checked the clock often to make sure I wasn't completely losing track of time.

Around lunchtime I got myself up and to the Apple store to see if my computer could be resurrected - spoiler: it could not.  Two sad hours later I got home and, feeling energized by being outside and accomplishing a task, I decided to check out something I'd seen on Instagram.  It was called the Vogue Flower Market and was happening in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Madrid that day only, and from the photo I saw, it looked like something I wouldn't want to pass up (I KNOW, my photos certainly look I just went to a florist's and started pressing some buttons on my camera, but I tried!  As always, don't rely on me to accurately represent places/events/food/anything - amateur hour for real over here.).  So, photos not doing the street-long market justice aside, it was really lovely and well done.  

I spent a solid half an hour wandering up and then back down the street looking at the different booths and arrangements and offerings and funny situations where there were cars with plants bursting out of all of the windows.  Plus, since it was in Salamanca, one of Madrid's poshest parts of town, the surrounding shops and buildings weren't too hard on the eyes either.  Yes, it probably would've been more fun overall with Danny or a friend, but whatever, I'm still glad I went instead of spending more time sitting at home.

And...since I was out and had stashed my book in my purse, I decided to head home via Retiro.  I parked on a bench in the shade until Danny texted that he was beginning his journey home.

I made it home in time to prepare dinner entirely by myself, probably for the first time all year (you think I'm joking!) and when Danny came home to supper on the table, I think he felt like he had been transported back to a magical time four years ago, early in our marriage when I did all the cooking and he came home to dinner every night...and I remembered why I don't like cooking.  

It may not have been my usual Saturday, but it was a rather nice one, and one I'd repeat if given the chance - although, maybe not the part about my computer being broken, but you know.  It's amazing how okay it was to let my to-do list fall by the wayside for a day and how good it felt to be a little spontaneous and tiny bit adventurous doing my own thing, making decisions just for me for a whole day.