belcastel, france

I am fiiinally back at it here after weeks away for a variety of reasons but mostly because my computer broke, my parents came to visit, and we moved to Turkey for the summer!  I'm sure everyone's been on pins and needles for these three-months delayed France I'll keep 'em coming!  Next up is Belcastel, a village in the Aveyron department of France, and without a doubt one of the most beautiful.  So, I know that my pictures are pretty much of the same street, bridge, chateau (I keep calling it a castle in my head, so if that's you too, no shame), and river, over and over, so scroll through quickly - apparently I lost all discretion when it came to picture selection over my blogging break (if I ever had any...?).  I mean, the town's tiny: population, 228, BUT, it's beautiful and it definitely sticks out among all the places we visited as one of my very favorites.  Definitely worth a stop and a walk around (and paying the outrageous parking fees the little villages charge - just do it, it's pretty much unavoidable but you'll be glad you did).  


See more from our trip in France: our day in Toulouse here, and all of our stops on our first day: Cahors, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Bouzies, Rocamadour, Padirac CaveLoubressac, and Figeac.  We began our first day in Marcillac-Vallon.