le pont-de-montvert, france

At the end of the second day of our French road trip, we spent the night in Le Pont-de-Montvert, a place we chose not because we were particularly drawn to the village, but because I found an Airbnb there in our price range that wasn't too far off the itinerary of sights and towns I'd created (and we were following pretty closely.  This evening was unusual in that we weren't staying at someone's house or flat, but in a group of vacation rentals called the Gites du Chastel.  Before we arrived, I was under the impression that they were located a good distance outside of a town, in a rural location with each rental being a free-standing house, but none of that was true upon arrival.  It didn't really matter, though, as we were staying for less than 12 hours - pretty much every day of our trip we arrived at our Airbnb a few hours after dinner and then every morning we were eager to get up and get going due to the ambitious plans I'd made for each day - and as a result we saw a lot of great things, and in each subsequent trip we've taken I've successfully scaled back my dawn-to-dusk-style planning because it just wasn't worth it.

As we drove to the Gites du Chastel, we realized that the town (Le Pont-de-Montvert) they were located in was actually pretty nice, and not far at all from our Airbnb, and since the wifi in our rental was pretty spotty, we spent the evening walking around until the sun went down.  As we had no agenda and no expectations for the place, it was the perfect end to another busy day driving around southern France.  And, a random, interesting fact for you: the War of the Camisards began in Le Pont-de-Montvert in the early 1700s, a war I'd never heard of previously, but seems to be this little village's claim to fame, aside from the fact that Robert Louis Stevenson stopped here during his famous 'Travels with a donkey.'

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