taking stock #11

I wrote ten of these posts every month from November 2015 - August 2016 and then I decided to give them a rest for a while.  Now, just a few weeks shy of the year mark of my last one, I decided to do another.  I enjoyed them while I was writing them as a way of, well, taking stock of what was up, how I was feeling, and all that jazz.  So while I don't foresee them becoming a monthly staple again, maybe they'll come around from time to time again. :)

Making: plans for the rest of the summer before school starts - it'll be here before we know it - but before then we have some exciting things coming up!
Cooking: honestly, absolutely nothing.  Living in a kitchen-less dorm room for two months means we eat every meal at the cafeteria or at a restaurant and while not having to cook sounds fantastic, there are definitely pros and cons.
Reading: sporadically.  I've gotten into listening to podcasts while we're out and about in the city, riding buses and metros, which means I've gone from reading a couple books a week to maybe one a month :/
Wanting: healthier food options on campus.  They're out there, but they're also Turkish, and sometimes they just don't look all that appealing to me.
Playing: icebreaker and get-to-know-you games like it's my job.  Oh wait...
Wasting: time!  Always.  I hate it.  Show me someone who doesn't, and I want to spend the day with them, following them around and learning their ways.
Wishing: there were trails in all of this forest surrounding the campus we're living on.  I know where I'd be during our afternoons off...if only, if only.
Enjoying: working out.  I've been a sporadic work-er out-er since high school, and wish I was better at being consistent, especially when I don't have a gym easily accessible to me, like I do now.
Liking: being done with work at 2:30pm every day.  I could really get used to this, that's for sure.
Wondering: how the next three weeks of camp will shake out.  The last session was really challenging and so I'm really hoping this next one will be great - the kids got dropped off this afternoon and they seem okay so far, but we'll see, we'll see!

Loving: having two twin beds (pushed together) for Danny and me.  So much space!!
Hoping: that we make the most of our last three days off in Istanbul!  We are almost out of here!
Needing: to be more intentional with friends.  Every time I do, I'm so glad, so so glad, as friends are worth it.  
Smelling: stinky feet, sweat, dirty clothes - we live in the basement of a boys' dorm where 18-year-olds come for orientation for a week the summer before starting college.
Wearing: almost nothing to bed (so hot, so humid!) but jeans for sure during the day (so much A/C in the classroom!)
Following: the political news in the U.S. via podcasts and news websites...and...well...
Noticing: that as the summer's gone on, we're getting worse and worse at going to bed on time.  
Knowing: that humidity just isn't my thing.  I've never lived in a place with humid weather, so being in Istanbul, where the humidity level is regularly above 85% has really been interesting, and I've come to figure out that I'd like to never live somewhere like this again if possible.
Bookmarking: these earrings, and thinking that some day soon I'll make a move on them, but I just don't wear dangly earrings regularly and aren't sure that I'll like them...
Feeling: excited, nervous, anxious, happy.