plasencia, spain

We visited Plasencia for only an afternoon and evening, but the time that we spent there was enough to make an impression.  The modern, contemporary parts of town may look like most any other small town in Spain, and well, the old parts may too, but the historic area of town is really clean, charming, and cohesive and our Airbnb stay certainly didn't hurt in helping make our experience so positive too.

We walked by (but didn't enter) the town's cathedral, the Casa del Dean (a 17th century palace house), through a few plazas, and around the interior of the town's parador (a hotel owned and operated by the Spanish government), which is located in an old convent.  We haven't stayed in one of Spain's paradors yet, and this was our first time to go inside of one, and it was really classically and thoughtfully styled.  It would be a luxurious treat to stay in one, that's for sure.


Our last stop in Plasencia was Parque de los Pinos, a park in the middle of town with tons, and I really do mean tons, of peacocks roaming around.  I haven't really seen this in other city parks before - in zoos, yes, but city parks, not really.  Not everyone was on their best behavior around the peacocks, sadly, so I'm not sure about this peacocks-in-park idea, at least for the peacocks own sanity and well-being, but it did make for a unique experience, especially with the rare albino ones strutting around and causing quite a stir (sorry, no photos - there was so much competition!). 


Eating out in smaller Spanish towns can be a challenge for us sometimes...vegetarianism and veganism is catching on in Spain, but we definitely have an easier go of it in bigger cities.  I had searched online for options but didn't come up with much, so our Airbnb host came to the rescue with a recommendation of a little place in a strip mall that served great veggie burgers and roasted potatoes - cheap, tasty, and healthy-ish.  


Speaking of our Airbnb host, I don't usually share much about our accommodations or hosts but in this case I felt like it warranted a mention.  Our room was decorated in soft pastels and was more than just a place to sleep as is the case in most places we stay - it was a haven (perhaps a bit of a feminine haven, but...) and our host, Victoria, had put so much thought and care into every detail of our stay (don't even get me started on breakfast!).  Oh and the windows in our room?  They overlook her pool.  The only disappointment of our stay was the poor weather, but obviously that's out of all of our control, and we weren't going for the pool anyways.  If you want to see more photos of her home, check it out here.


Our time in Plasencia was part of our road trip to a few places to the north and west of Madrid, beginning with a stop at La Granja, a day in Salamanca, and then a drive through the Jerte Valley before we got to Plasencia.