our weekly grocery haul

Like most people, we have to buy groceries each week, but I thought it might be interesting if this week we shared our meal plan for the week, everything we bought, and how much it cost.  I can be a pretty nosy Ned, so I find these types of posts on other peoples' blogs particularly interesting, and perhaps someone else will be the same.  

I'm not too fancy when it comes to meal planning - I usually take a sheet of paper from the recycling that's blank on one side, fold it into fourths, and use it for four weeks of meals.  As you can see, I write out each meal I need to plan on the top - usually just dinners, except for on the weekends, when I plan for all three meals.  During the week, we do the same thing every day - oatmeal with bananas and walnuts for breakfast, and leftovers for lunch.  You can see that this week I made a lot of changes to our plan for Sunday after finally making a few choices.  

Our closest grocery store, Mercadona, is about a minute's walk away from our front door, and we try to do our shopping on Saturdays, as it's closed all day on Sundays.  Danny often plays (American) football with a group of guys at Retiro Park on Saturdays, so it's ideal for me to do the shopping while he's playing, but I really dislike going all by myself.  Grocery shopping in Spain is a bit more self-service than in the US, and especially when I get to the check out, I find it helpful to have another person there to lend a hand.  Also, I plan for the entire week, but we usually only shop for Saturday through Tuesday or Wednesday, and then go back out for the last few days mid-week, as by then we usually need more bananas anyways, and veggies don't often stay fresh from when we buy them on Saturday until we need them for pizza on Friday.

Grocery Haul 1.jpg

This past Saturday, we came home with two bags like the red one Danny's carrying (I had one as well), plus a six-pack of shelf-stable oat milk that usually lasts us about three weeks.  And, instead of putting everything away directly, we arranged it on the table for a bit of a look...all we need for the first five days of the week.  Everything's pretty obvious, at least those things in the front, but in the back you can see a bag of tortilla chips, some chia seeds, walnuts, black beans, spinach, tortillas, a three-pack of cream, white beans, and oats.

Grocery Haul 2.jpg
Grocery Haul 3.jpg
Grocery Haul 4.jpg
Grocery  Haul 5.jpg
Grocery Haul 6.jpg

Finally, the receipts.  We can find most everything at Mercadona, but we always have to stop at the fruteria on our way home for vegetables and sometimes black beans if we need them too.  Our total for this shopping trip was €32.78, although we did forget refried beans and had to go back to the fruteria for them on Tuesday. 

The most expensive thing we bought?  Guacamole at €3.29 for a 500g container, which we've found is cheaper than buying the number of avocados we'd need to make that much guacamole, plus it's quite good too.  The cheapest?  A lime for €0.27.

Questions about grocery shopping, cooking, or living in Spain?  We'd be happy to answer!