around the e-world

Maybe not too unlike yourself, I find myself on the internet for one reason or another...basically all the time.  Maybe I'm getting on for one thing, say searching for a particular recipe, but before I know it, I find that I'm reading about North Korea.  Or I could be opening up a new tab to start working out in the morning, and remember that I 'need' to check on this, that, or the other, and before you know it, I'm reading about the royals.  So here I am to share the latest and greatest I've stumbled upon in the past few weeks - some funny, some interesting, and no politics (although no promises for future posts). ;)

vega restaurant madrid march 2018.jpg

Danny's been intrigued by shipping container homes for a while - I've been skeptical because the few that I've seen haven't had loads of windows, but this photo gallery certainly opened my eyes to the diversity that's out there!

For the past two years I averaged over a book a week...this year I'm (yet!) not on track to do so, so when I saw the title of this article - Read 200 Books This Year by Making This One Tiny Change to Your Routine - I was intrigued.  

Speaking of reading, I finished this book over the weekend, which I read at former President Obama's recommendation (not a personalized recommendation - I wish! - just his 2017 list which you can see here) and just keep thinking about it.  Books that stick with you - they're the best.

I have been the biggest Airbnb advocate for a while now but after having a really fantastic hotel experience recently in Munich, and then reading this about rent costs and Airbnb in our own city, I'm starting to ask questions and have conversations with friends - there are no easy answers here, are there?

We've had rain for almost two straight weeks now, which I'm trying to tell myself is fine because Spain really needs the moisture, but a lot of the rest of Europe has gotten snow, and lots of it.  These photos of the storm - Beast from the East! - were fun.

Okay, what a great idea for an Instagram account - Cheap, Old Houses - is just what you might think - historical homes in need of some TLC all over the country.  I'm not in the market (I personally hate DIY projects, especially ones the size of a house!), but I still find it fun to look.

These vases are super pretty, and neutral enough to go with pretty much all flowers.

Maybe you know I love the royals?  If you didn't, now you do.  I really enjoyed this gallery (and the captions!) of Prince Harry being Will & Kate's third wheel so. many. times.  Also - seems like as good a time as any to say it - I love Meghan and am so happy for her and Harry!!!

On that note, how about what Meghan could do for the Royal Family...or not.  

Finally, I know that 'dumb phones' (aka original cell phones) have been around for a while, but I like that this one does a bit more than most.

Happy Weekend!