spanish snow day

Typically winters in Madrid are pretty mild.  One decent jacket is usually enough to get you through, and we've found anything else is hardly necessary aside for the occasional cold snap here and there.  We've never had snow during our three winters here, save for a few flurries one day last year, but this week that all changed. 

I'm usually fairly aware of the weather forecast so I know when to put soup on our weekly menu or whether or not we should carry umbrellas with us, but whenever I see snow predicted for Madrid, I give it a side eye and carry on.  But this past Sunday, the forecasted snow actually came, in spurts here and there throughout the day, and then on Monday, it snowed all morning, and into the early afternoon.

Now people from states where snow flurries are not only a regular occurrence in the winter, but snow accumulation is real and a fact of life, know, for the most part, how to drive in it, walk in it, dress for it, and just deal with it.  Madrid didn't see any real accumulation this week - parks received a dusting, the roads got wet, and kids were certainly thrilled - but that didn't stop schools and businesses from treating it like a serious situation.  We heard from multiple friends how students were sent home at lunchtime, employees were told to leave if they felt uncomfortable out in the weather, and I saw a post from the city of Madrid asking people to take public transportation instead of driving due to weather conditions.  

Danny went out for the afternoon to a class and encouraged me to go out for a walk, take some photos, and see just what the hullabaloo was all about.  I walked down our street to Plaza de Toros, Madrid's bullring (yes, it's still in use), where I wasn't the only one snapping photos.  A couple doing the same as me asked if I'd take their photo, and then asked to take mine and after I turned them down twice, I finally gave in, so - photographic proof that I sometimes leave the house ;) 

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D - Even though I'm from Colorado, I wasn't necessarily prepared for the 20-minute walk from the metro stop to my class.  The snow was worse there than at our place, and the walk was up and down hilly sidewalks through about a half inch of snow/slush the whole time.  I guess my shoes (that I'd never tested in inclement weather before) somehow have almost negative traction because I was slipping all over the place and legitimately almost fell like 15 times.  I recorded a video on my phone for social proof.