museo del romanticismo

In November, Danny and I took a (long) walk to another one of Madrid's museums after I read about the Museo del Romanticismo's particularly nice cafe.  Perhaps I was feeling inspired by a recent tea-and-treats meeting with a friend at a beautiful pastry shop, but I was hoping to find something not too different from the stunning places to eat at the Victoria & Albert in London, or the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, just on a slightly lower level. 

All that being said, I was going for the cafe at the end, and the museum was a bit of an afterthought, however, I ended up being quite pleasantly surprised by the art and artifacts in the Museo del Romanticismo.  The museum was created and styled with Madrid from the Romantic period (1820 - 1860) in mind, and as we walked through rooms decorated with furniture, sculptures, paintings, and more from the era, we were transported to another time. 

For the most part, we had the place to ourselves, and the cafe waiting for us after we collected our bags and coats was almost forgotten.  It was a good thing, though, as I was disappointed - there's no grand setting or impressive spread of treats, just a humble small white room with crowded tables.  We passed on the average looking sweets and began our walk home.  Don't let the lackluster cafe keep you away though - we had a great time poking around this lesser-known Madrid museum, and would certainly recommend it to someone looking for something for a "house-style museum," (that could be my own made

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