two weeks' notice: saying goodbye to spain

As I'm sure you've deduced from the title of the post, this is it!  Our "what's next" and "adios to Spain" post that was bound to eventually make it's way to the pages of this blog.  Two weeks from today we'll lock our apartment door for the last time, take the bus to the airport, and this (mostly) sunny chapter of our lives will come to an end.  I honestly can hardly believe I'm typing this all up (and I'm getting a little choked up right now doing so), but for so many reasons, the time is right for us to start something new.  

So what happens after we leave Spain?  We'll be flying from Madrid to London and spending a month traveling around England.  We're primarily going to be housesitting in four different cities (much more to come from us about what that will look like!), and then at the end of our time, we'll spend some time with our dear friends, Josh and Gemma, who have recently returned to England after spending two years in Madrid.

leaving spain after two years 5.jpg
leaving spain after two years 3.jpg

We left Colorado in September of 2015 and we will return just two days shy of June 2018, meaning that we will have lived abroad for two years and a few months.  We have a decent idea of what the rest of this year will look like, but after that, we are not quite sure - we have plenty of ideas, sure, but plans?  Definitely not.  I have a hunch, though, that a lot of the experiences we've had over the past few years will play a big part in determining what comes next: where we live, how we spend our time, who we choose to spend time with, and so on.  There have been massive shifts in so many areas of my life that when I imagine what the future looks like, it's almost unrecognizable to how we were living before...yet still similar in some key ways.  

There's plenty to do in the next two weeks, as anyone who's moved a time or two knows.  We've got drawers to go through, things to sell, suitcases to pack, floors to mop - there's no sitting around bored for those with a moving date on the books!  Speaking of which...I should get to my item of the day, which is - don't get too excited! - going through some binders and papers and deciding what should hit the recycling and what should be given away.  

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leaving spain after two years 4.jpg

Finally, thanks for following along with us as we've fumbled our way through these past two years.  We might post our best photos, but try to keep it real and honest with the words we share - the days that have led to today sure haven't always been easy and breezy, that's for sure. 

And, in what will come as a surprise to no one, I'm sure I'll keep the (semi-regular) updates coming as we start our transition back to the US this space :)

Photos taken during our first few weeks in Spain, and are from this post and this post.