hello from england!

Hello from Worthing, England!  We left Spain two and a half weeks ago and are really excited to be spending this month in southern England, dog sitting, visiting friends, and seeing more of this sometimes-sunny country!  We've focused all of our previous visits on London, so it's been great to see some other towns and areas (although we have already snuck in a quick weekend to the capital...it's the greatest city in the world, how could we not?!).  

country walk in bath may 2018.jpg
tea at the holbourne museum in bath may 2018.jpg

Daily life looks pretty similar to how it did in Madrid, except now we've got a couple extra companions joining us.  We started our adventure in Southend-on-Sea, a town about an hour east of London, where we watched two friendly dogs and a bearded dragon for a week before moving on to Bristol, where we spent last week with two Labrador retrievers (and in between the two we enjoyed a night in London!).  We've just wrapped up five days in Bath (the safest city in the UK, according to our Uber driver, but I've been unable to verify that with any Google searches, so...), where we spent the long weekend watching a couple of chihuahuas.  We stuck around Bath for a couple more nights as we were in between sits, plus it felt more relaxing to stay put for a bit longer rather than go explore somewhere new.    

clifton village april 2018.jpg
dogsitting in bath may 2018.jpg

We're now in Worthing, which is on the south coast and about 20 minutes away from Brighton by train.  We're hanging out with a pair of mini schnauzers for the week and while they're pretty low-key, they do love to play with their balls, go for long walks, and have some cuddles on the couch.  It'll be our longest house/pet sit so far, but I think it'll be a good one.  

dogsitting in bristol april 2018.jpg
colorful streets of bristol april 2018.jpg

At the end of next week, we're finally on to reconnect with our best friends from Madrid who have just recently moved back to England after a couple years spent living and working in Spain.  Although we've been, in a sense, living like locals for the past few weeks, with our friends we'll actually be living with locals and getting a taste for their daily life, which we're looking forward to (not to mention, getting to see our friends after a couple months!). 

worthing england country walk may 2018.jpg
great pulteney street bath may 2018.jpg

I've been taking lots of photos as we've been moving around the country but haven't figured out how to share everything yet as we're not really on a trip - we're traveling slowly and primarily as house and pet sitters at the moment, so for example, we're not eating out much, we're sightseeing here and there as we can fit it in, and taking lots of walks (and mostly to dog friendly spots!).  We haven't worked everything out quite as perfectly as perhaps the photos and post have suggested so far - we've got lots of routine-related things to work out and traveling with five suitcases isn't exactly a breeze, but so far, being in the land of the royals and afternoon tea has made it worth it.  Two weeks from today we fly to Chicago, where we'll get to visit with family and go to the wedding of one of my cousins before heading to Colorado for a little while.  Then we'll hit the road and begin housesitting again, this time in the USA.  But for now, I'm eager to enjoy every crumpet, cup of tea, and country walk I can!