calle toledo apartment tour

When you move to another country, not everything can come with you.  For us, mostly clothes and shoes made the cut, along with a few other things like Christmas stockings, vitamins and cold weather gear (although not enough of it!).  There are a few things you definitely cannot take with you, though, no matter how big your suitcase is, and that is people.  So, since most of our friends and family will never get a chance to see our apartment here in Madrid, we've been taking some pictures here and there over the past few weeks so that maybe you can get a feel for where we live.

Here's the exterior view of our building, and the very first door you'd come in, from across the street.  We're sandwiched in between a pharmacy and a clock store, even though we live in the interior of the building and would never know it.

Once you've climbed the stairs, and walked around the interior courtyard, you've arrived!  Welcome to apartment 4H!

Inside of the door, we keep our reusable grocery bags, one from Target (obviously we brought that with us) and one from Carrefour, a French grocery store that we shopped at when we first moved to Madrid.  We don't actually have one in our neighborhood now, but one is being put in near our Metro stop.  The little phone on the wall is for letting people into our building.  In order to enter apartment buildings in Spain, you have to buzz the number of the apartment you want to visit, and the person that lives there will push a button on their phone that will open the door at the front of the building and let you in.  Oh, and how do you like all the locks on the inside of our door?!

If you turn to the right, you'll see a nice coat rack/mirror/shelf combination where we usually leave our shoes, coats, and keys when we come in.  

Then, you can continue down a short hallway, and on your left you'll immediately come to the bathroom, which looks a bit like this...

...there's also a toilet, a towel rack on the back of the door, a shelf, some cabinets, and a washing machine.

On the right hand side of the hallway is the entrance to the kitchen.

And, because if you actually came to visit us, you may be a little nosy, as I sometimes can be, and while you were helping us make dinner, you may linger a bit and look into our pantry and our fridge because you're curious if we're really still vegan or if we're keeping things beyond their expiration date or something like that, here's a peek at what we had around last Thursday when these pictures were taken.

(Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, which is why we have a large amount of diced sweet potatoes and chopped broccoli - Danny was getting ready for our dinner that evening.  That's also why we have margarine and cheese in the fridge - for the macaroni and cheese - and that big tub of crackers in the pantry - for the sweet potatoes as well.  Oh and this is fun - that olive oil?  It cost one euro.  Some things, okay most, may be more expensive here, but not olive oil!)

You may have noticed in one of the kitchen pictures a hole in the wall.  That leads to the living room.  The hallway from the entryway continues and leads us to...

Above is the view from the hallway into the living room.  Below is the view from the couch towards the display cabinet.  And the cabinet against the wall that looks like great storage space?  It's actually a fold out bed!

P.S. See all the cards in the left cabinet?  That's all mail that we've received here, mostly from my mom, but a few from my aunt as well.  We've received everything that's been sent to us (in other words, the Spanish mail system is very reliable), so if you want our address, we'd be glad to pass it along to you!

Continuing our look around the living room, you can see the table we talked our landlord into getting for us (the previous tenants just used the coffee table), and the view from the living room into the kitchen.

And finally, the view from the first step into the living room.  You can see our drying rack, which is very movable and collapsible, but given the size of our washer, we do laundry pretty frequently and keep it up all the time.

Now, up the stairs to our bedroom.

One of our favorite parts of the room is the large window.  We love it now, but I think we'll especially love it when we can keep it open at night and during the day.  Since we took these pictures about five weeks ago, the weather was much nicer, and we had fun checking out the view.  The two friends we've had over so far have asked if we'll go out on the roof when it's nice out, but I don't think we will.  The building is over one hundred years old, and we're not sure it's really the best idea.  Peeking our heads out is plenty for now.

So that's about it!  Thanks for coming and taking a look!  Feel free to come visit anytime!