el retiro park

One of my favorite things to a discover in a new city is a park.  When we found out we had the green light to move to Madrid (i.e. visas), someone asked me how I felt about moving to a big city.  I had never really thought about that before, and after that moment, I thought about it now and again, and realized I wasn't sure if I was going to like it.  Now I know that Madrid isn't one of the largest cities as far as big cities go (for example, Madrid has 3 million people while Tokyo has 33 million), but it's definitely a big city, and more of a city than I've ever lived in before.  However, places like Retiro (which apparently has 15,000 trees within its 350 acres) make me forget I live in the middle of a busy metropolitan area sometimes.  We've been three times, although sometimes it feels like ten times, because when we go, we try to stay for a while.

Some pictures, if you please, from our first visit to our third.  Maybe you'll even notice some differences as fall has progressed...

First visit, September 26th

Second Visit, October 3rd

Third Visit - November 1st

This past weekend we explored two more of Madrid's urban parks - Madrid Rio and Juan Pablo II.  They don't take away from Retiro, but they do give us some options, which is great, especially since Retiro is definitely the most famous of Madrid's parks and also seems to attract the most crowds (and tourists!).  We're looking forward to seeing it in all seasons and continuing to explore its different gardens, ponds, trails, and fountains.