taking stock: november

Making: plans to go to London in December...we can’t live so close and not see the city all decked out for Christmas, right?

Cooking: last night, stir fry vegetables with brown rice

Drinking: water (as usual), although I hear we really have to try the zumo de naranja here!

Reading: this blog - she just spent the last 3ish months in Europe with her family and I am really enjoying her travel posts from their time abroad

Wanting: (free) Spanish classes. Anyone? Anyone?  Will trade English for Spanish.

Looking: at options for our three week Christmas break

Playing: lots of Spot It – with my students, of course

Eating: simply and similarly to how we did in Colorado

Wishing: we could transport ourselves to the U.S. for just one day – Thanksgiving – and then right back

Enjoying: memories of Porto last weekend

Loving: living in Europe - not always easy, but overall, really, really good

Hoping: that it doesn’t start getting too cold anytime soon!

Listening: nothing new without Internet access beyond the library but dreaming of finding that new One Direction CD in my stocking ; )

Needing: to seriously clean our apartment

Smelling: smoke, everywhere, all the time – it’s the smell of Spain, I tell you – people love to light it up here

Feeling: content with a hint of anxiousness

Wearing: my winter jacket every day, even when the weather won’t warrant it by midday because it’s cold in the morning and at night and you just never know