taking stock: march

Making: my very last lesson plans...this is our last week of teaching as Semana Santa (Holy Week) is about to begin and most of our will students take off for their villages for an extended Easter break.

Cooking: these pulled sweet potato BBQ sandwiches and they're our favorite right now.  Usually we switch things up every two weeks or so, but right now we can't quit these.

Reading: about eating unprocessed and considering what that could look like for us in the future.  Not sure when or where (parting with Digestives at this point in time seems next to impossible), but moving more towards whole foods always seems like a positive thing to me.

Wanting: this next week to last forever (in the best way possible).

Looking: forward to all that's in store for us in Scotland.  So excited!

Playing: that game of trying to squeeze it all in - sights, friends, work appointments, packing, spending time outside - all before 8:30pm next Friday when our plane leaves Madrid.  Time's a-tickin'.

Eating: last meals with friends and plotting to go back to a few favorite spots next week when they're all gone on holiday.

Wishing: that we lived in a coastal city.  Wouldn't it be fun to walk along the beach at night inside of the cement lined river?  But then I suppose we wouldn't appreciate the sand and the waves and the whole experience as much as we do when it's more of a once a year thing.

Enjoying: being able to get caught up on blogging a bit and relive some of our adventures in the process.  

Loving: a new park we explored this past weekend, Parque Juan Carlos I.  It's really amazing - huge sculptures, play areas, water features, a dog park, olive groves, boats and bikes to rent, an outdoor auditorium, and more.  We were there for a few hours and still didn't see it all!  It's a bit far from us, but we can't wait to go back.

Hoping: it will be sunny in Scotland.  This may be a bit of a lost cause, I realize, but a girl can dream, right?

Listening: to Javier, one of my students, sing.  He's seems to always be singing something, and claims to really dislike Justin Bieber, but it seems like "What do you mean?" has been on repeat since I met him at the beginning of the year.  So I keep telling him that the two of us (plus his twin sister and Danny) should go to the concert together when JB comes to Madrid in November.  Right?

Needing: to start taking things off the walls, and perhaps even begin the packing process.  When we came to Spain, I did in all in one day and it took at least eight hours.  Bad choice.  

Smelling: cooked sweet potatoes.  We always seem to end up with one extra, so Danny's been chopping them up and making them as a bonus for breakfast lately, and the smell seems to linger around the house all day.  It's quite the tease when I come home midday for lunch or even after classes around 8pm and think it's dinner.

Feeling: a little sad if I really stop and think about it.  Madrid has really become our home, at least one of them, and now that the fact that we're leaving next week is starting to become a little bit more real, I'm so conflicted.  

Wearing: unzipped jackets when I'm on the sunny side of the street!  Almost everyday it's reaching 60° or so in the afternoons and it is just fantastic.