Housesitting Services


Danny and Shannon house-sat for our 2 cats and small dog in July, 2016 for 4 days. Our fur babies loved the individualized attention! The Everetts were punctual, kind, and clean, so we returned to a happy home. We would wholeheartedly recommend them for your house-sitting needs! 

- Rachel and Robert Lozon (

We couldn't have asked for better sitters than Danny and Shannon.  They cared for our home as if it were their own and took amazing care of our feisty Labahoula, Nolan.  Not only did they provide us with regular updates while we were away to reassure us that our pooch was happy and well taken care of, but when we returned, we were very pleasantly surprised to see that they also left us a very thoughtful gift!  They are not only exceptional house sitters, who are super professional, but also just very kind people!  We hope that they can house sit for us again in the future!  Anyone would be lucky to have them care for their home and pets.

- Eric and Megan Jones

About Danny & Shannon

We are a dependable, tidy, and friendly married couple who love animals, meeting new people, and experiencing other cultures, and who aren't as young as we look!  While some may think our lifestyle is a bit boring, we're not the type who like to party or stay up late, preferring instead to have quiet evenings at home eating healthy home-cooked meals, playing board games, or just curling up on the couch with pets while reading, or watching Netflix together.  That said, we also enjoy exercising, going on walks, hiking, and just generally being active.  Growing up we both had pets, and we absolutely adore animals of all shapes, sizes, and species!

After graduating from university and spending some time working in the United States (as a librarian for Shannon, and as a employee for an international non-profit for Danny), we decided to leave what we knew behind and move to Spain to teach English and see more of the world.  After two years of teaching, we decided to pursue freelance work as a way to become location independent and enjoy a bit more freedom and flexibility in our lives.  As "digital nomads" we instantly fell in love with house sitting as a way to spend more time with animals, experience new places less like tourists and more like locals, and as a means of providing a valuable service to people around the globe.  We love enabling people to rest, relax, and enjoy themselves when they are on the road, knowing that their home and pets are in good, capable hands!

We do a variety of freelance work online, but mostly web design and blogging.  Being able to work wherever we want means that we can spend tons of time looking after your pets and home!

Why We Want to House sit

We love house sitting for many reasons!  Number one, it means that we get to spend time with new furry friends!  Because we travel so much, it's difficult to have pets of our own, so it's a real treat for us to be able to keep company with yours while you're away!  House sitting also enables us to see new parts of the world and engage in slow travel.  We get to live in a new place or culture and experience it similar to how a local like yourself would!  This serves two purposes for us.  First, it satisfies our urge to travel, and second, it helps us narrow down the different countries and types of places where we might like to live when we plant down some deeper roots in the future.  Additionally, house sitting is a very valuable service to others.  As a home owner, it gives you security and peace of mind, knowing that a responsible and caring couple is looking after your home and pets.  We know how stressful travel can be, even without the additional worries of having a home and pets, and it gives us joy to bring this peace of mind to you!

Our Experience

We've house sat a number of times and have experience looking after dogs, cats, and fish.  References are available from these experiences.  

We also have lots of experience being top-notch guests and have been recommended 40+ times by hosts around the world through Airbnb. 

Here are some of those reviews:

"We hosted Shannon and Danny for a couple of days in our place and they were very nice and respectful. Communication was easy and effective. Nothing to complain about. I would totally recommend them as guests."

- Antonio (Lausanne, Switzerland)

"Shannon & Danny are a very nice couple. We gladly recommend them! They are very sociable, clean and polite guests. Unfortunately they stayed only 1 night, but we are definitely waiting them back!"

- Diana (Timisoara, Romania)

"It was a pleasure to host Shannon and her husband Danny who were visiting from Spain. They were friendly, polite and respected the house rules, and had very good communication during the entire process. We highly recommend them as a guest and would gladly host them again."

- Caroline (Rabat, Morocco)

"Shannon and Danny are the perfect guests: warm, respectful, relaxed, friendly and great communicators. They were only here one night, but I enjoyed having them at home and hope to see them again soon! :)"

- Isabel (Valencia, Spain)

"We were very glad to host Shannon and Danny at our place. They were very polite and kind. They left our place in a perfect shape. We recommend them to every Airbnb host."

-  Soukaïna (Salé, Morocco)

We'd be happy to provide more upon request!